Studio Inspiration (The Time I Visited Thomas Buechner’s Studio)

Thomas Buechner

I have started to get serious about organizing my studio space which is a spare room in my house.  As I think about what I am going to need in the room as far as storage and supplies, I keep thinking back to the time I visited Thomas Buechner‘s Studio.  You may not recognize this name, but you have probably heard of his accomplishments.  He was the founding director of the Corning Museum of glass as well as a renowned portrait painter.

I spent a year and a half at Houghton College in New York state.  My painting professor Ted Murphy was a friend of Mr. Buechner, and took the painting class to his studio in Corning.  It was the coolest field trip I have ever been on.  The first thing that struck me was that his studio was extremely clean and well organized.  The room was not just some left-over space in his home, but an area designed specifically for its purpose.  A whole wall of his studio was made of windows which provided excellent natural light during the day.  Another thing I love is that he had hundreds of art books.  It seemed to me that everything he could possibly want or need while painting was at his disposal.  I want my space to be like that too.  I may not get everything that I want in the space, but I’m getting pretty close to having everything that I need.  Sadly Mr. Buechner is no longer alive, but he is certainly in my thoughts, and I will never forget the day I spent with him at his studio.

Below is a picture of me at Mr. Buechner’s studio.  I am second from the left, and second from the right is my friend Arryn Vogan


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One Response to Studio Inspiration (The Time I Visited Thomas Buechner’s Studio)

  1. arrynvogan says:

    That was one of the best trips! I often think back to meeting him and getting to eat dinner in his studio! That was so fun and encouraging. What a neat man…and I LOVED all of his art books as well!! My collection is slowly growing. Thanks for the shout out!

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