Insightful Clarence Morgan

Clarence Morgan, Light Breathing, 2007

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting with an artist named Clarence Morgan.  Clarence was the professor of my college professor in grad school  (did you get that?).  I brought in a digital portfolio and Clarence looked it over and talked with me about it.  The first thing that struck me about Clarence was his cool glasses.  But once he started talking, I was blown away by how smart and insightful he is.  As soon as he looked at my work, he just got it!  He knew what I was trying to accomplish, and could tell that I work from photos.  For a fleeting moment, I wondered if he would know more about my work than I do!

While we talked, he challenged me to work from life instead of photos.  He said “Imagine if you had never seen your husband before you married him, and someone gave you a photo of him.  Would that work for you?”  Heck, NO!  It’s not the same thing!  So I was challenged, and I’m planning on bringing a live model into my studio to try it out.  I’m not saying I’ll only work from live models from now on (in fact, I just started another painting based on a photo), but I want to see how it goes.  Another great piece of advice that he gave me was to exploit the photos I use.  He said, “Take what you want out of the photo, and leave the rest.”

Stay tuned, because I just started a new painting–my largest yet!


About Melody

My name is Melody Martin. Check out my art blog, and learn all about the steps and techniques that go into oil paintings.
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