Video Toot(orial)!

It’s finally here!  My first in a series of video tutorials.  I realize that I have already posted once on how to stretch a canvas, but I think (and hope) that this video will make things a bit more clear.  This should be a useful tool for those of you who would like to try stretching your own canvas, but are not sure where to start.

Stretching your own canvas is more time consuming than picking one up at the store, but it’s also a lot less expensive.  Another advantage is the fact that you can custom make a canvas according to your needs.

A huge thank you to my minion, Harmony, for filming and editing this video for me!

I’ll also include a list of tools and where things can be purchased in case you’re interested in trying this out for yourself!

  • Stretcher bars (available at,, and Michaels)
  • Canvas (fabric stores,,
  • Staple Gun and staples (hardware stores, Walmart)
  • Rubber Mallet or similar item (Wal Mart, hardware stores)
  • Gesso (Michaels,,
  • large paint brush (hardware stores, Walmart)
  • Canvas Pliers, optional (,

About Melody

My name is Melody Martin. Check out my art blog, and learn all about the steps and techniques that go into oil paintings.
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3 Responses to Video Toot(orial)!

  1. elliot martin says:

    cool video i got a kick out of you hammering and the fastforwards.

  2. Easten says:

    Great video! I have learned more about art since I started checking your blog than I ever did in all my years in school! Marin liked watching you stretch the canvas, and I think he let out a toot while watching your toot-orial. The bloopers were also a valuable addition to the final cut:)

  3. Melody says:

    hmmm…I take it by Marin’s toot that he approves of the video. I will be happy to teach him all about painting! haha

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