My New, Magical, Digital Elph

As an artist, it is really important to photograph your work.  Especially if your pieces are being sold and/or moved around to various galleries.  When I graduated from college in May 2009, my dad gave me this really great camera.

I wanted something small that I could carry around with me and photograph anything that inspired me.  Many of my paintings were born from pictures that I took with that camera.  Unfortunately, my camera developed a glitch when it was dropped a few months ago.  So it’s been a lot more difficult to take good pictures.

The other day, Eric ordered me a new camera.  I insisted on having the same Canon Powershot Digital Elph.  I love how fast it turns on, and how it’s pretty good at capturing light.  I hate using camera flashes! Because the one my dad gave me is older, it costs about $500 brand new on Amazon!  So I got the newer version for a little over $100.

You know how change often makes people unhappy?  Well, I am not unhappy with my new camera, but I’m still skeptical.  Is it as good as my old one?  It’s a little smaller, lighter, and more modern looking.  It doesn’t turn on quite as fast as my old one, but it has more mega pixels.  But the zoom is also a lot louder.  I know this seems like a silly thing to care about, but I happen to love photographing small skittish animals.  Time will tell.  I have a feeling that my new camera and I will become fast friends.  But for now, I’m still testing the waters.


About Melody

My name is Melody Martin. Check out my art blog, and learn all about the steps and techniques that go into oil paintings.
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One Response to My New, Magical, Digital Elph

  1. Holly Niphakis says:

    it’s such a cute little camera 🙂 Nice color, too. And a great price. I wonder if the Camera Shop could recommend a sort of special lubricating oil for cameras, if there is such a thing in fear of it getting anywhere near the lens and smearing the photos… but then you’d need to consider the cost of that, too.

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