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Tiny Sheep Love

I love to try new things, and I can feel myself entering an experimental phase.  One of my favorite shops on Etsy is weegreenspot.  There aren’t many items for sale at the  moment, but this one is my favorite: I … Continue reading

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Labor and Delivery

I love delivering a painting when I’ve labored so long over it! It feels sort of like finishing a long book with a great ending.  Now I’ve gotta find a new book, and sometimes that part is the most fun. … Continue reading

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The End. Amen.

I finished the painting of the McNamara girls just in time to deliver it to them this weekend!  Here is the painting as it was the last time I posted about it.  Be sure to click on the images to … Continue reading

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Mona Lisa’s Dirty Little Secret

Every now and then I’m faced with the unpleasant task of cleaning out my Mona Lisa brush cleaning tank.  When painting with oils, you have to clean your brushes with turpentine.  When you rinse your brush in the cleaning tank, … Continue reading

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Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Jancewicz

Beth and I became friends at Houghton College.  We had quite a few art classes together, and I was always excited to see what she would come up with.  You’ll see what I mean when you scroll down and look … Continue reading

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Bookin’ It

Cheryl, a friend, asked me to make a green journal for her friend.  I mean the color green, not the environmentally friendly green.  I headed to Stampede to check out their paper selection.  There weren’t a lot of green papers, … Continue reading

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Nature of Paint

My sister-in-law Easten sent me this awesome video that she found of artist Duane Keiser painting an orange, then painting it being peeled.  It’s sort of like an animated short.  It’s really cool and it allows you to see the … Continue reading

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