McNamara Girls: More Color

Here are some pictures of my progress on the portrait of the McNamara girls.  When I last posted I had just started on the skin tones.  I’ve come a long way since then!  This is the picture that I posted on March 28th.

At this point, I was still moving eyes and facial features around.  I added the lettering to Caroline’s sweatshirt, and worked on the background a bit.

This is where the color really started to come into play.  It’s such a good feeling to get into color after working in black and white for so long.

And by the end of the day on Saturday, this is where I found myself.  I’ve got more work to do all around, but especially with the faces.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve generally been working left to right.  I still have quite a ways to go, but it’s getting there.

Here is the original, so you can see what I need to work on.


About Melody

My name is Melody Martin. Check out my art blog, and learn all about the steps and techniques that go into oil paintings.
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3 Responses to McNamara Girls: More Color

  1. Harmony says:

    it’s looking really good Melody!! I’m super impressed by the lettering on Caroline’s sweater and Libby’s clothes look so real!

  2. Erika says:

    Great job, Mel! It looks really good. I really enjoyed seeing it in person, too!

  3. arrynvogan says:

    This looks so great! I love watching the layers build!

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