As the Sun Goes Down

Since painting this picture of my nephew Asher, I’ve become increasingly interested in shadows and the light that creates them as the sun goes down.  Maybe the pieces will also be a bit about the activities that happen at this time of day.  I’ve been wanting to create a body of work that is cohesive so that if it’s shown in a gallery, the pieces will look more as though they are part of a whole.  I’ve picked out a few possible references for my next paintings.  Here are a couple that I’m considering.  I hope this guy doesn’t mind that I’m going to paint him.

This one doesn’t show their faces, but instead is weirdly cropped.  I’m more interested in the hands, and of course, the shadows.  If you had to imagine what face this child is making (by the way, this is the torso of my nephew Asher with his Auntie Easten), what would you say?  Is he happy?  Grouchy? Tired?


About Melody

My name is Melody Martin. Check out my art blog, and learn all about the steps and techniques that go into oil paintings.
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9 Responses to As the Sun Goes Down

  1. Carolyn Martin says:

    hmm interesting,i would think Asher’s face would be one of determination? he is standing tall and looks as if he is taking large strides. Easten is holding his wrist as if she can’t contain him(although I know she can) but he’s a big boy and doesn’t want to be slowed down. Very cool Melody!

  2. arrynvogan says:

    I like this idea as a body of work! I think that will be really neat. I love the focus on light. great idea. Can’t wait to see how they next ones will go.

  3. Holly Niphakis says:

    I agree with Carolyn…Asher is determined…perhaps eager in it.

  4. Easten says:

    I think Asher is overjoyed, as he always is when Auntie Easten is holding his hand… or wrist:)

  5. Erika says:

    Yayy for the shark beach picture!!!

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