When playing Mario with my four-year-old nephew Asher, I kept saying “EEEK!”  Asher thought it was funny and asked me why I kept saying it.  I told him it’s what I say when I’m scared or excited.  Since I’m horrible at Mario, it was mostly because I was scared and kept dying.  I had to laugh when I heard Asher reluctantly testing it out a couple of times.  Every once in a while I would hear a very soft spoken “eek.”  Well you can imagine the sheer volume of “EEEEEK!” reverberating in my heart when I stepped out into the crisp autumn air to discover two much anticipated boxes.  My Dick Blick order has arrived!  As I was painting last week, I discovered that some of my paint tubes were rapidly diminishing.  I have also needed more stretcher bars for a while.  I knew I couldn’t put off my order for much longer, so I bit the bullet.

I’ve decided to give you a list of what I got and the pricing so you can see what my average order looks like.

  • Titanium White Alkyd Paint 37ml (3 tubes x $4.77=$14.31)
  • Raw Umber Alkyd Paint 37ml tube ($4.77)
  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson Alkyd Paint 37ml tube ($7.02)
  • Ivory Black Alkyd Paint 37ml tube ($4.77)
  • Cerulean Blue Alkyd Paint 37ml tube ($7.02)
  • Cadmium Red Light Alkyd Paint 37ml tube ($7.02)
  • Burnt Sienna Alkyd Paint 37ml tube ($4.77)
  • Titanium White Acrylic Paint 200ml ($5.25)
  • Ivory Black Acrylic Paint 200ml ($5.25)
  • Grey Matters Disposable Paint Palette ($3.99)
  • 16″ Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars ($2.83 x 6=$16.98)
  • 20″ Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars ($3.40 x 6=$20.40)
With shipping the cost came out to a little over a hundred dollars.
I always tell people that I paint with oil paint, but I actually use Alkyds.  Alkyds are just fast drying oil paints.  They are a bit less traditional than standard oil paints, but I love that they can dry within a day.  Standard oil paints can takes months to properly dry.
With these supplies I’ll be able to stretch three 16″ x 20″ canvases.  The Acrylic paints will be used for the under paintings and will last at least a few months.  The Alkyds should also last at least three months depending on the size of the paintings and the colors that I work with.  Soon, I’ll be revealing my plan for my next painting.  AND what October would be complete without pumpkin carving?  I hope to post on that within the next two weeks, so stay tuned!

About Melody

My name is Melody Martin. Check out my art blog, and learn all about the steps and techniques that go into oil paintings.
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4 Responses to EEEEK!

  1. Carolyn Martin says:

    very exciting to get new supplies! I hoped you would do another pumpkin this year~ I loved last years Edgar Allen poe-mpkin 🙂

  2. Holly Niphakis says:

    I was sure, with the title EEEEK that you’d found a rat or mouse sitting on your easel munching on a canvas or paint brush or chunk of paint. Hurry Pumpkin.

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