The Most Wonderful Time

It is only the day after Thanksgiving, but I’ve been waiting for the beginning of the Christmas season for what seems like months.  This morning I made a wreath.

I took a walk in my yard and clipped some Holly, Boxwood, and another evergreen.

I started tucking these clippings to a wooden wreath frame that I had lying around.

I had to trim a few of the branches and leaves before I added them to the wreath so that the whole thing didn’t get out of hand.  I didn’t want it to look like a plant explosion.

I kept adding branches until I liked the way it looked.

I think it would also look really nice if all of the branches were going in the same direction.

Truthfully, I don’t know how long this wreath will live for.  I’m hoping it will last a few weeks, but we’ll see.  I want to make one with all boxwood leaves, but maybe I’ll wait and make sure this wreath doesn’t die right away.  I was going to hang this one on my back door, but it’s a little small so it’s hanging out with one of my flame-less candles.


About Melody

My name is Melody Martin. Check out my art blog, and learn all about the steps and techniques that go into oil paintings.
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6 Responses to The Most Wonderful Time

  1. arrynvogan says:

    I love this! So fresh and festive!

  2. Fabulous — it came together so organically — nicely done!

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