Art Lessons

I started teaching art lessons a few months ago, and I am really enjoying it!  “L” is a very imaginative and talented girl.  I don’t think I loved art as much as she does when I was eight.  It seems that she is constantly drawing and I’m sure she will go far if she keeps it up.  Art, like any other skill, needs to be practiced.  A college professor of mine used to say that being good at art has little or nothing to do with natural talent.  It’s about practicing.  Maybe the only natural part is having a love of art in the first place.  What do you think?


About Melody

My name is Melody Martin. Check out my art blog, and learn all about the steps and techniques that go into oil paintings.
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4 Responses to Art Lessons

  1. Holly Niphakis says:

    You loved art when you were 3 and 4 and 5 and you used to create at home before you went away to school….the school experience could have stalled the momentum for a while but I remember when you were starting high school the dam broke and suddenly it was like you had to “art” or die….remember the cartoon phase…. etc….and you did indeed practice without thinking of it as practice.

  2. arrynvogan says:

    I think there is some truth to that statement, but all the same you have to be gifted with it to really go somewhere. Like portraits for example…remember in Murph’s class when we did self-portraits? My easel was right next to yours and your portrait was awesome…actually looked like you. Mine, was scary to say the least. Definitely not gifted in the area of portraits!

    • Melody says:

      Well, I don’t know about you, but I spent almost my whole high school career sketching people. So there’s that. Anyway, I just found my old self-portrait…I’ve really come a long way! haha.

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