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Hitchcock Pumpkin

If I paint a picture that is not a portrait, sometimes I feel like it doesn’t count.  I care about faces and the human figure, so when I chose the subject matter for this year’s pumpkin it had to be … Continue reading

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The Leaky Igloo and Other Snow-Globe Making Adventures

You can go to Anthropologie and buy a snow globe for forty dollars. OR you can make one for under $5.  Last year I made snow globes for the first time after finding a tutorial on Pinterest.  This year I … Continue reading

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Animal Lover

I would consider myself quite an animal lover.  Not in the traditional sense though.  You won’t find a single pet in my house unless it’s the occasional wild animal being “rescued.”  Here are a couple of animals that Eric, Harmony, … Continue reading

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To The Max

Friends of mine and Eric’s recently had a baby and I made some letters for his nursery. I love word scrambles.  I gave you a hint in the title, but can you guess his name by looking at this? Max’s … Continue reading

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Wild Horses

When you were young did you ever pretend to be a horse at recess?  Maybe galloping around the playground with your friends?  I tried it once, but it wasn’t my thing.   I was more of a swinger.  My mom, … Continue reading

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The Pumpkin

Have you ever read the poem The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe?  I couldn’t stop thinking about it when trying to come up with ideas for my pumpkin carving.  But I didn’t just want to carve a raven.  I wanted … Continue reading

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My nephew Asher loves playing Mario.  He calls the mushrooms “mushrums.”  It is so cute I just want to pick him up and squeeze him.  Whenever I see mushrooms I think of him.  Here are some of my recent finds … Continue reading

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