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Small world

Animal Lover

I would consider myself quite an animal lover.  Not in the traditional sense though.  You won’t find a single pet in my house unless it’s the occasional wild animal being “rescued.”  Here are a couple of animals that Eric, Harmony, … Continue reading

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Wild Horses

When you were young did you ever pretend to be a horse at recess?  Maybe galloping around the playground with your friends?  I tried it once, but it wasn’t my thing.   I was more of a swinger.  My mom, … Continue reading

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More Plantage

A terrarium is, technically, a sealed environment in which plants and/or animals are kept.  Like this one that I made last year: All I had to do was to mist it every few weeks and the water would recycle itself … Continue reading

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A World in a Jar

On Saturday, I made my first terrariums.  Minion and I went for a walk in the woods and collected a bunch of moss, mushrooms, and other good stuff. Moss is great because its root system is very close to the … Continue reading

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